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As a member of the WDA-A you will:

  1. Have access to a network of colleagues with whom to collaborate and share ideas and information about wildlife diseases

  2. Be eligible for discounted registration for WDA-A Conferences (including the annual conference and regional mini-conferences)

  3. Be eligible to apply and/or be nominated for annual WDA-A Grants & Awards

  4. Have access to previous WDA-A Conference Proceedings*

  5. Have access to previous WDA-A Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes*

  6. Have access to many other resources available to all WDA members

* To access the WDA-A member-only digital resources, click on the button below. You will be prompted to a page where you can 'request access' and if you are a current financial WDA member, you will be granted access shortly thereafter. 

WDA-A Member Resources

(enter registered email for access)


IMG_4694 singing honeyeater.jpg

Image courtesy of Laura Grogan

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