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Applications are now closed.

2023 Student Conference Grants


There are two grant types available – conference registration grants and travel assistance grants. Students may apply for one or both grants.

Conference registration grant

  • This grant covers the full cost of conference registration. Please note that conference registration includes accommodation and catering for the duration of the conference.

  • Students who have already registered for the conference are still eligible to apply, and registration status will not be a consideration when assessing the merit of applications. Students who have already registered will be reimbursed the $425 early student registration fee.

Travel assistance grant

  • Travel assistance grants are to a maximum value of $500.

  • Travel grants will be provided on the provision students can demonstrate how the money will be spent. For example, flights from Perth would be a reasonable use of expenses; claiming $500 to travel from Melbourne would not be. 

  • The travel grant can be used to cover the cost of transport already purchased (EG. pre-purchased plane tickets)

How To Apply


  • Applications are open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students from any relevant degree, including (but not limited to) veterinary medicine, ecology, and zoology.

  • Students must be residents of, or studying in, the Australasian or Asia-Pacific region.

  • There is no requirement to be a WDA-A member, but membership is strongly encouraged.

  • Postgraduate students are encouraged to pursue funding options through their University prior to applying for a grant, so as to make the conference accessible for as many students as possible. 

  • It is not a requirement of application that students present at the conference, however applications of students who have submitted an abstract may be preferenced. 

Application process

Assessment process

  • Applicants will be selected based on merit of application, and on encouraging attendance from students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and geographic locations. 

If you have further questions regarding the grants and/or application process, please contact Jess Whinfield, at


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