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How to Join WDA-A & Membership Benefits

Membership for the WDA Australasian Section is managed at the level of the Wildlife Disease Association international parent body. To become a member of WDA-A you must first become a member of WDA, and choose WDA-A geographic section membership during the joining / renewal process.


WDA-A membership is not restricted to members resident in the Australasian region. Membership in WDA-A is open to anyone interested in accomplishing the WDA-A mission to "acquire, disseminate and apply knowledge of the diseases of wild animals in relation to their biology, ecology, and conservation".

Subscriptions are payable each calendar year (January to December) or part thereof. Prompt payment avoids having full members miss out on the January issue of the Journal. You can also donate to a WDA section via the membership joining/ renewal process.

As a member of the WDA-A you will:

  1. Have access to a network of colleagues with whom to collaborate and share ideas and information about wildlife diseases

  2. Be eligible for discounted registration for WDA-A Conferences (including the annual conference and regional mini-conferences)

  3. Be eligible to apply and/or be nominated for annual WDA-A Grants & Awards

  4. Have access to previous WDA-A Conference Proceedings*

  5. Have access to previous WDA-A Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes*

  6. Have access to many other resources available to all WDA members


* To access the WDA-A member-only digital resources, click on Resources & Links in the navigation panel and select Member Only Resources. You will be prompted to a page where you can 'request access' and if you are a current financial WDA member, you will be granted access shortly thereafter. 


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