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The Anne Martin Memorial Fund Student Presentation Award is awarded to the best student presentation at the annual WDA-A conference in recognition and support of students who undertake the study of wildlife disease. The winner is awarded $400. Student awards are available for WDA-A student members. 

There are also WDA Parent Body Student Awards - Find out what they are and how to apply here

Student Awards

Winner of the 2019 Anne Martin Memorial Fund Student Presentation Award

The judges for the 2019 student presentation award were so impressed by the high standard of talks, Honorable Mentions were presented to two additional talks:

Sarah Michael for her talk on Pup mortality in New Zealand sea lions at Enderby Island, Auckland Islands, 2013-18. 

Jessica McCutchan for her talk on Leptospirosis, bats and people in Fiji.

Chloe Steventon was the winner of the 2019 Anne Martin Best Student Presentation Award for her presentation entitled "A different approach to wildlife health surveillance – microbiome and metagenome in the Leadbeater’s possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri)".

How to Apply

In order to be eligible for a WDA-A student awards, you will need to:


  • Be a Student member of the WDA-A Section of the Wildlife Disease Association, and

  • Submit an abstract for a poster or oral presentation for the annual WDA-A conference.

 Students will be assessed by a panel of at least four on the basis of

  • the quality, innovation and impact of the science,

  • the quality of visual aids,

  • the quality of delivery and style and

  • the relevance of the work to management of wildlife and ecosystem health.

Previous Winners of the Anne Martin Memorial Fund Student Presentation Award

IMG_6277 egret.jpg

Image courtesy of Laura Grogan

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